KWS Confirms Death of 100 Buffaloes and Three Rhinos After Anthrax Outbreak

Kenya Wildlife Service confirmed 100 buffaloes and three rhinos have died of Anthrax in Lake Lakuru National Park.

Dr. Dominic Mijele, a senior veterinary officer with the KWS said that no other wildlife animals have been affected by the disease.

He said since the outbreak was reported, that they have managed to decontaminate the park and dispose all the carcasses. Speaking at the park on Wednesday.

Mijele said that they are currently carrying out vaccination of other endangered species in the park.

“Anthrax spores are found in the soil and the outbreak usually occurs when the ground becomes lose thus exposing the spores. Contamination from outside the park through rivers is another cause of anthrax,” he said.

The veterinarian said that investigations are still underway to ascertain the exact cause of the anthrax outbreak.