Kwale police arrest 20 suspected gang members

Two under-age girls are among 20 suspected gang members arrested in connection with rising robbery cases along the Likoni-Lungalunga highway.

Police also seized 100 grams of cocaine from the suspects believed to be part of a gang that has been terrorizing residents including commuters and motorists by robbing them of their valuables at night.

The arrests were made in Ng’ombeni area in Matuga Sub-county, Kwale County, in a major operation that started on Sunday, to flush out the criminal gangs which have been giving locals sleepless nights with their orgy of armed robberies.

The suspects are being held at the Kwale Police Station and will be taken to court once police are through with investigations.

According to the local police chief, Mr. Joel Chesire, the gangsters are usually armed with knives and machetes, and are members of a gang calling itself Kisumu.

The gang consists of around 60 members that are notorious for unleashing terror on residents and committing highway robberies at night.

We have arrested 20 of them including the two minors and police will not rest until the whole group is put behind bars, said Mr. Chesire adding that patrols have been intensified in a bid to boost security in the area.

He further said that the gangs recruit children into crime leading to a high rate of school drop outs noting that police collaboration with the residents is expected to stem the wave of crime.

Mr. Chesire said Ng’ombeni was among the hotspots for drug abuse in the county whereby many youth who fall victim to the vice resort to crime to sustain their addiction.

Ng’ombeni has become a hotbed of drug trafficking and abuse and we also want to deal with the issue decisively.

Police will camp in the area until it is rid of the drug menace, he said.

The Kisumu gang is believed to have its roots in Likoni, Mombasa.

Source: Kenya News Agency