Kwale drug swoops a flop, says crusader


An anti-drugs crusader in Kwale county has raised the alarm over continued drug abuse by young people. Teens Watch Centre coordinator Cosmus Maina said the level at which youth abuse drugs is wanting.

Addressing the press in Ukunda town on Friday, he said the operation ordered by President Uhuru Kenyatta in September to stop drug abuse and arrest peddlers at the Coast has not yielded fruits.

Maina said this is because of lack of support of the initiative by local leaders. He said so far, only 20 drug users in Kwale county have stopped the abuse, yet 3,000 youth are addicts.

“You can see we have a big problem because a big number of our youth are still abusing drugs,” Maina said. He takes care of some reformed drug addicts. Maina said drug abuse by youth is worsening in the county every day.

“Drug traffickers and peddlers are walking scot free and our youth are the ones paying the price because they are suffering.

Unfortunately, President Uhuru’s campaign has not given us any positive results,” he said. Maina said local leaders have not shown interest in supporting the anti-drug crusade in the county.