Kwale criminals ‘use magic against bullets’


Witchdoctors in Kwale county have convinced criminals they cannot be hurt by bullets if they carry charms and undergo a protection ritual, a court has heard.

Kinango former DCIO Veronicah Gitahi told the High Court in Mombasa on Monday the area is dangerous because criminals believe they are shielded by black magic.

She was testifying in case she and colleague Issa Mzee face charges of murdering 14-year-old Kwekwe Mwandaza on August 22 last year.

“We have to take serious caution since criminals from the area are not afraid of firearms and can attack police officers any time without fear,” Gitahi said.

The officers said Kwekwe tried to attack them with a panga as they looked for her uncle.

She was killed by a bullet to the head from a high-powered rifle and another to the chest.

Gitahi said it was not their intention to shoot or kill anyone during the operation.

“It was raining heavily and the place was very dark. Mzee shot the girl on the forehead when she attacked him with a panga.”