Kuria pushes for the scraping of Senate

Gatundu South MP, Moses Kuria has taken the Jubilee Punguza Mzigo referendum campaign to Mt. Kenya region.

Kuria calls for the scrapping of the Senate, the Women Representatives and all the MCA’s nominated slots scrapped through the proposed constitutional amendments.

He also said the referendum targets to reduce the number of Governors from the current 47 to 17 in order to give them more work claiming they are idle as most of them spend their time playing golf.

Kuria said the tax payer had been left overstretched due to the huge wage bill occasioned by the existence of the four contentious offices.

He was speaking at the Kutus Catholic Church in Kirinyaga County where he attended a Sunday mass before addressing a series of rallies in the area to popularize the agenda.

Kuria said unless the offices were abolished Kenyans will have to wait for ages before any tangible development could be realized.

“Under the constitution, we have 1, 000 nominated MCAs in the 47 Counties of whom each pocket Shs.1 million in form of salaries and other related allowances which can easily pay school fees for 100 day school secondary school students’’, he said.

He said the scrapping of the Senate, the Woman Representative, the abolition of the nominated MCAs’ slots and the reduction of the counties to 17 would save a substantial amount of money which can then be used to improve the livelihoods of ordinary Kenyans.

The controversial MP also hit out at his detractors whom he accused of orchestrating his recent arrest and subsequent locking into police custody.

“My being in police custody denied me an opportunity to meet with the Pope during his recent visit into our country and this is one occurrence that I will live to remember in my life time”, he said.

The Legislator said the initiative had engaged the services of coordinators at the constituency levels who will have collected 5 million signatures before the end of February to enable the IEBC sanction for the commencement of the referendum.

Kuria dismissed the Okoa Kenya initiative by the opposition CORD which he claimed was putting more burden to ordinary Kenyans.

He said the initiative seeks to get rid of some of the existing offices which are a liability to Kenyans.

By Irungu Mwangi