Ksh 4.7 billion provided to finance climate change mitigation activities

The Government in conjunction with the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) will use Sh4.7 billion (US$47 million) to finance restoration of ecosystem and improving livelihoods of residents of Tana River county.

The project dubbed Integrated Natural Resource Management (INRM) is geared towards up scaling of natural resource management to arrest and reverse current trends in biodiversity and land degradation for increased ecosystem services in the Tana delta.

The Principal Secretary Ministry of Environment and Natural resources Margaret Mwakima said the project is part of The Restoration Initiative (TRI) Program designed to restore and maintain of critical landscapes to provide global environmental benefits and enhanced silent economic development and livelihoods in support of Bonn challenge.

The speech was read on her behalf by conservation Secretary in the State Department for Natural Resources, Gideon Gathaara during the validation workshop for the nature Kenya, UNEP, and GEF6 Tana Delta project under the restoration initiative.

The scheme has been developed to make significant global contribution to restoring ecosystem and improving livelihoods.

Global Environment Facility (GEF) an international partnership of 183 countries, international institutions, civil society organizations and the private sector that addresses global environmental issues among other stakeholders will provide the resources.

Mwakima explained that the project, which is aimed at restoring 5.1million hectares in the county is based on the land degradation occurring in Kenya due to unsustainable management of resources and the ever-increasing demand for these resources by communities.

TRI program consists of 11 national Child projects spread across 10 countries in Africa and Asia and The Kenyan Tana Delta project is one of them.

The project objectives will be achieved by implementing a four-part strategy, to develop a suitable enabling environment for landscape restoration to take place, Dr. Mwakima said.

He continued Improving the enabling environment for sustainable land management to take place, supporting the local government and communities develop plans for achieving environmental goals, building capacity of these actors to carry out restoration plans and enhancing stakeholder knowledge.

Nature Kenya Executive Director Paul Matiku explained that the project will strengthen integrated natural resource management and restoration of degraded landscapes in the Tana delta, systemically scale up best practices and lessons learned to other priority landscapes in Kenya.

The private sector will also be engaged through the project, developing clear guidelines on how to invest in restoration enterprises that provides sustainable jobs, while recovering degraded and critical landscapes, said Matiku.

He added, The project will provide expertise and support to ensure the county governments in the Tana delta have the capacity and plans they need in order to mainstream INMR and landscape restoration principles.

Tana River Governor, Dhadho Godana urged the state and stakeholders to put more efforts in managing the disasters in the county, saying it was at a tip of serious calamity if the land and resources are not well managed.

A member of the local community Moses Juma requested the project documentation to be implemented as the project will restore the Tana and help in solving issues like ethnic clashes in the county.

Source: Kenya News Agency