KPR killed in banditry attack in Marsabit

A Kenya Police Reservist (KPR) has been reportedly killed in a highway banditry attack at Karare area on the Loiyangalani-Illeret road in Marsabit County.

Marsabit County Acting Police Commander , Mark Wanjala said the reservist who was on escort duty was shot and killed by suspected armed bandits.

Wanjala said Ibren Abdi Edin was escorting a lorry that was transporting commercial goods to Illeret when they were flagged down by unknown armed men.

The driver refused to stop and sped off, prompting the attackers to shoot at the truck in 1.30 pm incident.

The incident which happened about 50 kilometers from Illeret town has triggered an intense manhunt for the suspects by security personnel.

Wanjala warned of stern action against those engaging themselves in banditry as the government would not allow any acts of lawlessness.

He said a contingent of security personnel has been dispatched to the area to pursue the bandits and also recover the illegal firearms used in the attack.

By Sebastian Miriti