Korane shelves ‘ugatuzi na kazi’ rendering 200 casual workers jobless

Garissa county governor Ali Korane has with immediate effect shelved the infamous ‘ugatuzi na kazi’ programme initiated by defeated governor Nathif Jama.

The decision by the Jubilee governor automatically renders over 200 casual workers majority of them women employed by the previous county regime jobless.

The directive comes barely a day after the governor banned transportation of charcoal in bulk outside the county with effect from tomorrow (October 1) and further suspended Gypsum mining until such a time the county administration comes up with modalities that will also regulate the sector including issuance of the relevant permits.

In a press release dated September 29 and signed by the county communication director Abubakar Dayah, Korane said the programme not only lacked a legal framework to intergrate its operations besides it also lacks a budgetary provision.

Korane said that his office in consultation with the county executive will initiate a community service with a proper legal framework and seek endorsement from the county assembly.

The current programme lacks a workable formula and terms of engagement.

Sadly in establishing the initiative, the former administration failed to come up with proper structure for monitoring and supervision to ascertain their effectiveness in service delivery, Abubakar said.

The programme, started by former Governor Nathif Jama was meant to engage the youth and women to undertake community service at the sub-county level as one way of creating jobs opportunities for them.

The suspension of the programme immediately triggered street protests by the casual workers and may likely put the newly elected governor on a coalition course with stakeholders in the charcoal and mining industry.

The casuals have not been paid their 2 months wages.

A resident who requested anonymity said the governor’s radical changes in the recent past were being ‘undertaken in bad faith’

Why is the governor initiating such radical changes single-handedly instead of first constituting a cabinet that would discuss and agree on such critical issues? These sectors employ majority of the unskilled labourers, the resident said.

I am requesting the governor to go slow and lift the suspensions with immediate effect until all the relevant stakeholders are consulted and if possible allow for public participation. I am asking the county assembly to declare the action by governor unlawful, he added.

Source: Kenya News Agency