KNUT asks government to provide security to schools affected by banditry attacks

The Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Marakwet branch Executive secretary, John Cheberi has asked the government to provide security to schools in areas affected by cattle rustling for learning to continue.

Cheberi said recent attacks at the borders between Marakwet East and West Pokot and in Kerio Valley has disturbed learners as well as teachers in the schools.

I am asking the government to provide security to schools that are affected by attacks. If possible they should provide at least four KPR officers in every school to ensure that learners and teachers were safe, he said.

Cheberi who was speaking at Kapsowar on Thursday said four schools in Marakwet East remain closed as families flee their homes with their children for fear of revenge attacks.

The four schools namely Kalya, Tenderwa, Kapero and Kamelei primary schools in the highlands of Marakwet are the worst affected as there were no learners in them.

Recently, cattle rustlers attacked the Kipsitona in Kamerlei area where the four schools are located injuring four herders and driving away unknown number of livestock.

The attacks sparked revenge attacks where houses in three villages of West Pokot were torched. Now people fear retaliatory attacks and that is why they are fleeing their homes as they don’t know when they will strike again, he said.

He said tension is still high in the area since residents were now waiting for patrol reports for them to continue with their day to day activities adding that if this continues learning will be seriously affected.

The Elgeyo Marakwet County Director of Education, Joseph Wamocho said the education officials were meeting with the security team in Marakwet to find a way forward on the insecurity that is affecting the schools.

The schools were affected when parents moved away from their homes with their children. When the security team comes up with a solution then learning will resume, he said.

Source: Kenya News Agency