KLRC says it’s ready to take over from defunct CIC

Kenya Law Reform Commission (KLRC) has said it is ready to spearhead the enactment of the remaining legislations after the expiry of tenure of the Commission for the Implementation of the Constitution (CIC) a week ago.

The Commission said it has the capacity to take over the mantle of implementing the Constitution from the CIC whose term came to an end on December 31.

KLRC Chairperson, Mbange Ng’ang’a said that in the last five years the commission has been an equal partner in implementing the constitution. The constitution was promulgated in August, 2010.

Briefing the press on Wednesday at the KLRC offices in Nairobi, the Chairperson clarified that the Kenya Law Reform Act of 2013 gives the commission the mandate to be the premier agency in constitutional implementation.

The Commission thus considers the additional role that has been previously performed by CIC in constitutional implementation as not new, he said.

Ng’ang’a further added It resonates with its ongoing work that broadly includes policy and administrative research, review of policy, legislative drafting and supporting both national and county governments on technical matters of law reform.

KLRC Vice Chairperson, Doreen Muthaura said the commission is vital in the initiation and formulation of bills.

Muthaura noted that there was need to re-visit some bills among them the Land Amendment Bill 2015 to ensure that all stakeholders are involved.

She urged Parliament to transfer funds which were allocated to the defunct CIC to KLRC, reiterating that the commission was in need of the funds to play the oversight role in the remaining phase in constitutional implementation.

KLRC Chief Executive Officer, Joash Dache asked Parliament to increase its annual budgetary allocations from the current Shs.223 million to over a half a billion to enable it fast-track the constitutional implementation process.

Dache said the additional funds will also be used to hire six more legal officers to boost its workforce and enhance service delivery.

Currently. the commission has only three commissioners including the CEO Mr .Joash Dache, Deputy Vice-Chairperson Doreen Muthaura and Ruth Kirwa.

By Douglas Namunane