KLB publishers distributes text books to schools in Bureti

The Ministry of Education through the Kenya Literature Bureau (KLB) on Wednesday distributed books to 114 primary schools and 55 secondary schools in Bureti, Kericho Sub-County.

The text books included Mathematics pupils’ book 3 (P/B) and Mathematics pupils book 3 Teachers’ guide, Lower Primary Level Curriculum Design Vol 1(Kiswahili Literacy and Indigenous Languages, English activities) for standard one pupils.

Other books were Lower Primary Level Curriculum design Vol 11(Mathematical, Environmental, Hygiene and Nutrition) for class two and Lower Primary Level Curriculum Design Vol III (CRE, Hindu RE, Islamic RE Activities) for class three.

The text books also included Lower Primary Level Curriculum Design Vol 1V (Movement Creative Activities) for class four and KLB Kiswahili Kwa Darasa La 8 and KLB Kiswahili Kwa Darasa La 8 Teachers’ guide for class 8.

Secondary Schools also received the following books; Discovery Secondary Mathematics Pupil’s Book 1 for form one class, Discovery Secondary Mathematics Teachers Guide for book 1, and Discovery Secondary Mathematics Pupils Book 2 and Teachers’ Guide for form two class.

Others were Discovery Secondary Mathematics Book 3 and Teachers Guide for Form Three Classes, and Kiswahili Fasaha Kidato Cha 4 Cha Mwanafunzi na Kitabu Cha Mwongozo Cha Mwalimu for form fours.

Speaking to KNA during the distribution of the books to head teachers at the Bureti Deputy County Commissioner’s (DCCs) offices where the education offices are also located, the area Sub-County Education Officer, Joseph Ole Pirdai, thanked the government and the Ministry of Education for the books aimed at enabling the learners and teachers to implement the new curriculum in the schools.

Pirdai called on the schools that have received the books to take care of them so that current and future learners may benefit.

He assured schools that did not received their share of the books today that they would get them as soon as possible and called for patience as they addressed logistical issues on the distribution.

Kusumek Primary School Head Teacher, Elijah Koech hailed the Education Ministry for availing the books to pupils so as to enable teachers to start and finish new education syllabuses in time before the end of the year.

Source: Kenya News Agency