Kitui pupils relieving themselves in the bush

Pupils of Kalivini Primary School in Lower Yatta, Kitui County are relieving themselves in the bush owing to the dilapidated state of their toilets.

Kavilini school Head teacher, Mr. Erustus Mweu, regretted the pathetic state of the school which he attributed to inadequate funding from the government.

The school also has no physical facilities such as desks and the floors are in a bad state.

“The Shs.1, 000 given to each pupil is not enough to cater for every need. The amount should be increased to Shs. 2, 000”, said the head.

The two toilets constructed some years ago with tin walls in the school that started in 1961 have gaping holes that expose a user to prying and also have no doors, further compromising their privacy.

The bush within the precincts of the school is littered with human feaces, raising the risk of disease outbreak in the area. There is a repulsive odor emanating from the surrounding bush.

By Kiamah Wamutitu

Source: Kenya News Agency