Kitui Governor welcomes SRC pay cut

Kitui Governor Dr Julius Malombe has commended the Salaries and Remuneration Commission’s (SRC) bold move to slash pay for all state officers.

Speaking in Tharaka Ward in Mwingi North Constituency during the commissioning of Kunyu Market and inspection of development projects in the area Tuesday, Dr Malombe said the pay cut will save the country’s wage bill by Sh 8 billion.

‘Such massive funds should be channeled towards development projects for the benefit of the citizenry to ensure equity and fair distribution of resources,’ said the Governor.

The County Chief said that spiraling inflation had affected low cadre staff in government despite buying the same goods with those earning fat salaries.

‘We go to the same supermarket or shop to buy goods and services. The prices favour those with enough money to afford the goods. The differential gap in pay should be bridged for the benefit of all,’ said Dr Malombe.

The Governor urged all state officers especially those seeking elective posts to accept the new salaries structure to help the country manage its bloated wage bill.

On Monday, Salaries and Remuneration Commission reviewed salaries of various State officers including the President.

Under the new structure released by Sarah Serem, the President and his Deputy will earn monthly gross of Sh 1.4 million and Sh 1.2 million respectively down from Sh 1.650 and Sh 1.40 million.

Cabinet Secretaries will now earn fixed salaries of Sh 924, 000 down from S.056 million. The Principal Secretaries to earn Sh 765,000 from Sh 874.500.

The Commission also reduced allowances and all payments going forward which will be guided by the state of the economy.

The cut will affect salaries and allowances for the 2,222 MCAs, 349 MPs, 67 senators, 47 governors and the President among other top earners in public service.

Dr Malombe promised to ensure the locals have access to water to be tapped from the nearby Tana River, two kilometres away from the market.

On schools, he identified two primary schools without a proper playing ground due to the terrain of the area adding that county graders will move in soon to level the fields to tap talent at a tender age.

Source: Kenya News Agency