Kisumu Traders Make Sh11,500 a Day From Obama Brands

KISUMU businessmen are cashing in on the upcoming visit of President Barrack Obama on July 25.

Clothes, flags and key-holder tags branded with Obama’s portrait are selling briskly in the city’s streets.

Trader Ben Okach told the Star yesterday their sales increase as the day of Obama’s visit nears.

“I can sell about five T-shirts in a day and 20 flags minimum and get good money,” he said.

Okach said they sell T-shirts at Sh 1,500, US flags at Sh200 and tags at Sh100 .

He said people want something to identify with the President when he arrives.

Another group sells their T-shirts on order and even walk with them around the city.

Lawrence Oyange said T-shirts are branded “Siaya” or “Woud Kogello Warwaki Pacho” (Son of Kogello we welcome you home).