Kisumu MCAs Paid Off, Says Speaker

Corruption is rife in the Kisumu government and some MCAs have been paid for their loyalty, acting county speaker Pamela Omino has said.

This has undermined the oversight role as the MCAs no longer scrutinise the executives’ activities, she said.

“The executive has provided vehicles to the members of the assembly who don’t warrant them and the assembly is forced to fuel these vehicles from the kitty. This misuse of resources is meant to buy the loyalty of the members,” the acting speaker said.

Omino on Thursday told a joint Senate committee on Finance and Devolved Government that millions of shillings have been misappropriated by the executive.

The committee is investigating 16 allegations in a petition filed in the Senate by MCAs Joseph Osano of Chemelil, Aggrey Ogosi of East Seme and Elijah Omondi of Central Nyakach.

Omino told the committee that the executive has misused funds meant for the county assembly.

She said in 2012-13, the assembly was allocated Sh135 million but it received only Sh15 million and the remaining Sh120 million cannot be accounted for.

Omino said the Sh15 million was meant to purchase the speaker’s official vehicle and one utility vehicle but they were not bought.

“Instead, the speaker was allocated an old Prado,” she said.