Kirinyaga On the Spot Over Spending

THE Kirinyaga government is on the spot over irregular procurement and unsupported expenditures worth millions of shillings.

An audit report shows the county violated procurement laws, made payments for goods yet to be delivered and failed to account for Sh3.7 million spent in a documentary for the Magical Kenya Travel Expo.

The scrutiny by Auditor General Edward Ouko shows the county could not account for Sh50 million bursary awards for the 2013-14 financial year.

“The propriety of payments made from these accounts could not be confirmed and therefore the entire amount of Sh50 million could not be accounted for,” says the report tabled in the Senate.

The report says the county did not get value for money in buying water equipment and fittings at Sh86.1 million from middle men.

“The county government opted to buy from middle-men who supplied them at a higher price than the market value,” the report says.

The audit shows more than Sh2 million incurred by the county to facilitate the Kikosca games could not be accounted for.

The report says that Sh4.3 million had been collected as revenue from Sagana subcounty but was not banked.