Kirimon primary school in Samburu County closed

Kirimon primary school in Samburu Central was on Monday closed down after pupil morans assaulted female teachers in the school compound leaving several of them injured.

Yesterday’s incident was allegedly planned by 12 pupils who have reached the age of traditionally being referred to as morans, who were sent home over indiscipline.

The group of pupils armed with rungus, pangas, spears, stones and other dangerous weapons attacked the teachers, leaving one, Ms. Caroline Sein seriously injured.

The only security officer who was present managed to fire several bullets in the air to disperse the rowdy morans but was over powered by the attackers forcing him to flee for his safety.

Information gathered by KNA after visiting the school indicated that the concerned pupils accused the female teachers of using abusive language terming them as too old to be in primary school. They also claimed they were chased away from the school without any reason.

The school management committee together with the Knut officials led by their Secretary, Rafael Lechalote held a long meeting with the teachers who had been attacked and later told the press that this was the third time pupils had attacked and injured teachers.

He said the school would remain closed until the management met with education officials to come up with the lasting solution.

Lechalote further disclosed that the union stands firm with the teachers and ordered the school be closed until parents, school committee and all other stakeholders meet to find the way forward for both the pupils and teachers.

He warned that serious action would be taken against pupils who would be found assaulting their teachers, saying they would be arrested and charged in court.

Source: Kenya News Agency