Kilifi woman representative tells Jubilee to change tack on handling corruption want


Kilifi woman representative Aisha Jumwa wants the Jubilee government to empower the EACC to fight corruption.

She urged President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto to ensure the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission operates independently and deals with corruption at all levels.

Speaking at Kisumundogo area in Malindi town on Friday after meeting women at the trading centre, Jumwa said corruption will remain a problem if the government does not change tack in fighting it.

She said the EACC should be staffed adequately to ensure it executes its mandate.

“There is no need for the government to form commissions to investigate corruption allegations while EACC is mandated to do so. That will put an extra burden on the tax payer,” Jumwa said. She said the government should add more commissioners to assist the chief executive and his team.