Kilifi County Governor Caution Jubilee party Against Threatening Chiefs

Kilifi county Governor Mr. Amason Kingi has accused the national government of threatening chiefs with dismissal and village elders if they do not campaign for the Jubilee party ahead of the August polls.

Kingi claimed to have received some reports that the chiefs have a directive to campaign for the Jubilee party or else they will lose their jobs once the Jubilee government retains power.

Addressing a series of campaign rallies in Marafa, Sosoni and Garashi of Magarini constituency , the governor said such tactics were not justified as the chiefs were supposed to be neutral.

He told the national government to let the chiefs and their assistants to do their work as public officers. Chiefs are being forced to campaign for the Jubilee party; I thank the chiefs of Kilifi county who have said they will not be biased” he said.

He said once NASA presidential flag bearer Raila Odinga becomes president the funds for the elders will be increased from the current Sh 2000 to Sh5000. The Jubilee government is misleading elders by claiming that once Raila gets to power, the funds will be scrapped,” he said.

The Governor said once sworn in for the second term, he will ensure that the land for Galana-Kulalu food security project is given back to the county. The Jubilee government took land and spent huge amounts of funds but still people are dying of hunger,” he said.

Kingi urged voters to reject the Jubilee party on August 8 and ensure that President Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto go home.

Also present during the rallies was ODM women Rep candidate Ms. Gertrude Mbeyu.

Source: Kenya News Agency