Kigumo residents demand water connection from Ndakaini dam

Residents of Kigumo constituency in Murang’a County are asking government to supply them with water for domestic use from Ndakaini dam.

The locals led by their Member of Parliament, Ruth Mwaniki argued that the dam, which was the main source of water for Nairobi city, was expected to get more water from the northern water tunnel collector that has some of intakes in Kigumo Sub County.

Mwaniki, who was speaking at her constituency on Friday, said the tunnel, which was about to be completed, would be drawing water from an intake in Gatare forest which lies in Kigumo.

She noted that the local residents have been participating in rehabilitation of the forests thus the need to be considered for water connection from Ndakaini dam.

The construction of the north water tunnel is funded by World Bank (WB) at the tune of Sh.6billion and it was meant to increase the volume of water at Ndakaini dam.

The tunnel is purported to collect excess water from rivers Irati, Maragu and Gikigie which originate at northern part of Kigumo and Kangema constituencies.

Mwaniki’s sentiments came barely two weeks after Gatanga MP, Joseph Nduati said surveyors from Athi Water Services Board (AWSB) were designing how his electorates would be supplied with water from Ndakaini dam.

The board should give my people water as Gatare forest is a natural resources that Kigumo people have been protecting from destruction and it will be unfair if all the water is to be pumped to Nairobi leaving Kigumo without clean water for domestic use.

As part of conserving our environment, Kigumo residents would participate in tree planting exercise in Gatare forest which is one of the biggest forest blocks in Aberdare forest, added the lawmaker.

Meanwhile, the legislator noted that Kahumbu ward, which lies at the lower parts of her constituency, would benefit from water pans to facilitate irrigation farming as a way to address food security.

My office is working closely with relevant government bodies to construct water pans at Kahumbu ward to help farmers embark on irrigation farming to boost food security in the area. said Mwaniki.

Source: Kenya News Agency