Kibwezi-Kitui Road, Residents In Compensation Row Over Destroyed Houses, Tombs

A contractor tarmacking the Kibwezi-Kitui road is embroiled in a compensation row with residents of Mutomo, Kitui South, after quarry blasting tremors left a trail of destruction to dozens of private houses and several tombs.

The locals drawn from Mwala, Kanzoa and Yumbu villages are up in arms after the contractor, Sino hydro Corporation, allegedly declined to compensate some of the affected families and undercompensated the rest.

Speaking on Monday in Yumbu, Collins Musembi said the tremors which swept across their homestead in April last year caused numerous cracks on their houses, latrine and late father’s tomb but they did not receive a single cent from the contractor despite filing a complaint.

He appealed for intervention from the relevant authorities to necessitate fair compensation for all affected families.

I need money for repairs as well as purchase of a goat for the rites which must be performed before the tomb can be touched, said Musembi.

Katanu Mutunga of Yumbu village said handed her a meager Sh.5, 000 as compensation for her cracked house.

The cash could not even cater for repair costs and my efforts to get extra compensation were futile as the contractor dismissed the house as a mud one and cheap to repair, she lamented.

She said her cracked house seem so weak she fear it would tumble whenever it rains.

Adam Fredrick said the tremors caused numerous cracks on his aunt’s permanent house which was still under construction but the contractor had refused to compensate for the damages.

Efforts to get comment from the construction company were futile as officials contacted declined to talk to press.

Source: Kenya News Agency