Kibera youth encouraged to showcase their talents

Youths have been urged to showcase their talents as Kenya prepares to join the world in observing this year’s International Youth Day on 12th August.

Speaking to the youth from slum areas at Kamukunji grounds in Kibera on Thursday, Nairobi Regional Coordinator for Youth Development, Emily Maina advised the youths to use their strengths in maximizing their talents.

She said this year’s theme, ‘Safer Spaces for the Youth’ was planned to sensitize them on opportunities given by the government for their empowerment, in week-long series of activities that will culminate into the international day celebrations.

She asked the youth to take advantage of the various initiatives provided by the government to empower them, while warning youngsters against joining extremist groups, criminal gangs and immersing themselves into drugs.

You should use your skills positively. Besides that, always stay away from crimes and drug abuse, Maina said.

She reminded the youths that they are the bedrock to our national development goals, and their expertise cannot be ignored.

The coordinator stated that this year’s event is vital in the achievement of the Big 4 Agenda which is part of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s legacy.

She reiterated that Kenya Youth Empowerment Project (KEYOP) which is implementing youths’ projects in Kibera is committed in offering skills to the youths, which are geared towards supporting the housing and manufacturing sectors.

She urged the youths to fully utilize the Kibera Town Centre (KTC) initiatives sponsored by KEYOP in order to acquire experience that will contribute to development of the society.

This initiative is part of the Big 4 Agenda, and is aimed at improving the lives of Kenyans. We have our own enterprise, KEYOP, which aims to give youth an opportunity in crafts, said Maina.

KTC is a World Bank sponsored project through KEYOP, which aims at improving lives of the slum dwellers. It has a laundry unit, community center, cyber cafe and talent training services at a subsidized costs.

The event that was attended by hundreds of youths from Kibera was part of build-up activities that began last Monday, during the youth week that will end on Sunday 12th.

Source: Kenya News Agency