KESSHA urges Principals to develop tailor made solutions to avert unrests

The Siaya County Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association (KESSHA) Chairman, Vincent Odhiambo has called on all school principals in the region to analyze and find unique solutions to problems in their schools to avert unrests.

Odhiambo said the current wave of school unrests in the region has led to generalization of problems facing schools which has posed more challenges to management of the institutions.

Speaking to journalists in his office on Thursday, Odhiambo, who is also Chianda Boys’ High School Principal, asked education stakeholders in the region to avoid blanket blames on the schools heads especially during the ongoing strikes.

He said the first one or two schools affected by the unrests may have had tangible reasons to protest but the rest are riding on the wave just because their counterparts are at home.

Odhiambo took the opportunity to deny claims that Chianda high school has been a victim of the ongoing student unrests as had been aired by various local dailies and radio station.

He said learning and other academic programs were ongoing at the school and they have taken time to counsel the students against getting involved in actions that would negatively affect their future.

Odhiambo however, revealed that just like in many other schools in the region and across the country, there was an atmosphere of tension although the management has done everything to calm the students, advising parents not to panic as the situation at the institution was under control.

Source: Kenya News Agency