Kenyatta Score 122,930 Votes in Narok County

Uhuru Kenyatta has garnered 122, 930 votes in the six constituencies of Narok County while Raila Odinga got 1257 votes in the just concluded presidential polls.

This is slightly less than the 150, 308 votes the president garnered in the August 8 elections where Odinga got 128, 000 of the cast votes.

The county has 341, 000 registered voters distributed in 752 polling stations. There are six constituencies in the county namely Narok West, East, South, North, Emurrua Dikirr and Kilgoris constituency.

In Narok North constituency, Kenyatta got 21, 753 votes in the 163 polling stations in the constituency.

However, the constituency returning officer Mr. Mark Lempaka suspended the results of Entotol Primary school polling stations after some youths attempted to destroy the electioneering materials at the polling stations.

The constituency has the largest number of registered voters in the county and the only constituency in the county with an elected ODM Member of Parliament Mr. Moitalel Ole Kenta.

Narok North is also the home of a former gubernatorial aspirant Mr. Joseph Musuni who recently decamped from ODM to Jubilee party after a state house visit and promised to campaign for Jubilee.

However, his decamping could not have heeded much result to his new party following the low turnout experienced Thursday that made President Kenyatta garner lesser votes than he scored in the August 8 elections.

Narok West Constituency is the home of former gubernatorial aspirant Mr. Patrick Ntutu who decamped from Chama Cha Mashinani (CCM) party to join Jubilee.

Ntutu who led a delegation of over 3, 000 leaders from his home area to the statehouse September was expected to help in increasing the number of votes in the Jubilee party.

However, this did not seem to bear fruit as the Jubilee party garnered 13, 920 votes, less than it scored in the August elections where it got over 20, 000 votes from the constituency.

Interestingly, the friendly handshake that Deputy President William Ruto extended to his long time rival Emurrua Dikirr MP, Johanna Ngeno did not go in vain as President Uhuru scored 21, 163 votes which is above 70 percent of the registered voters.

Kilgoris constituency where Narok County governor Samuel Tunai hails from had the largest Jubilee supporters as 27, 876 people voted for Kenyatta while 483 voted for Odinga.

The Jubilee score in Narok South and East constituencies was 25, 854 and 12, 364 votes respectively while Odinga got 204 and 97 votes in the said constituencies.

The presidential repeat elections were marred with low voter turnout and boycott particularly in opposition strongholds. .

The low turnout experienced in the area is attributed to the NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga withdrawing from the race and call to his supporters to boycott elections and remain in their homes.

Nasa alleged Independent and Electoral Boundaries Commission (IEBC) could not carry out credible elections as they had failed to meet their irreducible demands some of which included a reshuffle of the commissioners.

Source: Kenya News Agency