NAIROBI– The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics says the unemployment rate in the country has dropped to 7.4 per cent, the lowest in the last ten years.

It adds that the number of poor Kenyans living below 200 shillings (about 2.0 US dollars) a day has dropped to 36 per cent from 46 per centlast year. This means that seven out of 10 Kenyans earn more than 6,000 shillings per month.

The report says that the counties of Nairobi, Nyeri and Kirinyaga have the lowest levels of poverty, with poverty levels of below 20 per cent. Busia, Turkana and Mandera counties registered the highest number of poor people with six out of ten people in these counties living on less than 200 shillings per day.

Poverty levels are higher in rural areas according to the report, which says the number is dropping fasterin rural areas than in urban centers. This is attributed to devolution of government to the county level with more resources being channeled to the counties.

The number of people spending less than 3,000 shillings on food has also fallen nationally to 14 million in 2017 from 16 million in 2006.

The number of Kenyans who are jobless and seeking employment has fallen almost by half to 7.2 per cent nationally from 12.3 per cent in 2006.

The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics says it will use the new data to develop a new inflation tabulation formula by April next year as well as rebase the economy.