NAIROBI– Treasury Cabinet Secretary (Minister) Henry Rotich has refuted claims appearing in a section of the print media that the government is broke, describing the reports as sensational reporting.

Rotich claimed that he was misquoted, insisting that whoever doubts what he said should replay the clip and show where he said that the government is broke. The government is never broke and the reporting was fake, I want somebody to play that clip and show me where I said the government is broke, said Rotich.

Speaking Thursday at the Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO) meeting, Rotich said that he just arrived from Europe with 200 billion shillings (about 1.98 billion US dollars) raised through a Eurobond issue and there is no way a government can be broke with that kind of money available for use.

There is no way investors can give a broke government money and the story does not add up, explained Rotich, whp added that the success from the Eurobond issue showed the confidence which foreigners had in the Kenyan economy. “As locals, we should exude the same confidence.

We might have fallen short in our tax collection targets because there are some risks and factors, in the first half of the financial year. We had a prolonged election period which slowed down business activities thus affecting tax collection but that doesn’t mean that the government is broke.”

Responding to queries whether the government will be able to pay those who have done business under the Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO) programme, Rotich said that government is the safest entity to do business with.