NAIROBI, Two suspected thirsty lions seriously injured a herder after killing his nine camels in Kenya’s Baraki ward, Lagdera constituency, Garissa County.

Nathir Hassan, 35, says he was awoken by commotion in the camel’s shed prompting him to find out what was happening.

Speaking to the press from his hospital bed at the Garissa nursing home where he is admitted Nathir, said that as he tiptoed with his flashlight on, a lion pounced on him sending him to the ground.

I shouted for help from my colleague who was following me from behind. If it was not for his quick response and intense clobbering on the lion, we could be talking of a different story today, Nathir said of the Tuesday attack.

The lion that attacked him had killed five camels by then while the other was mauling the other four. The herder says he suspects the lions killed the camels not for their meat but to ‘extract’ water from their filled up bellies to quench their thirst.

We had similar experiences before where the lions killed the camels and never feasted on their flesh, said one of the relatives to Nathir and also a herder.

A medic who attended to Nathir said he sustained serious injuries on his left arm and thigh. Efforts to get in touch with Garissa county warden Polycarp Okuku who had been informed about the incident were futile.

However, officers from his office took statements from the victim and his relatives about the incident. Locals are blaming the worsening drought ravaging the region for the escalation of the human wild- life conflict.

A relative of the victim said that they will seek compensation from KWS who are mandated to keep the wildlife away from human settlement.

He said that there are several cases of livestock death that have gone unreported. He blamed the escalation of the human wild- life conflict to the worsening drought situation ravaging the region.