Kenyans urged to exercise restraint during campaigns

The Chief Executive Officer International Counselors Center, Susan Gitau has called on Kenyans to exercise restraint during the entire campaign period and respect each other’s diversity in electing leaders of their choice.

Speaking in a Thika hotel during a peace forum on Saturday, Gitau said that judging from the recent trends of political temperatures, Kenyans have yet to learn anything from the 2007-2008 post elections violence that left over 1, 000 people dead and over 500, 000 others displaced.

Politics come and go but our nation must remain as one. We must show the world that we are mature enough and that we can handle our politics without shedding innocent blood and destroying property, she stressed

Gitau called on religious organizations to play a central role in preaching peace and peaceful co-existence, adding that leaders of all walks of life should focus on advising the youth against allowing themselves to be used as tools of destruction.

She also advised Kenyans to carefully vet all leaders before voting for them in the August 8th General Elections, saying that their choice of leaders was key to the kind of future they would live.

Restrain yourselves from being lured with money and tribal intonations to vote as this would be tantamount to bringing into office the wrong brand of leaders.

Thika Chairman for Peace and Cohesion, Aboo Nurein told the gathering that every Kenyan has a personal responsibility of ensuring that they were not incited to violence.

We, however, have officers on the ground who are monitoring hate speech and any activities out to create anarchy. Acts of lawlessness will not be allowed this time around, he said.

He added that it was time when Kenyans stopped looking at each other on the basis of tribe or political affiliations as this only drove them into playing into the whims of politicians.

The Chairman advised the media and members of the public to make all politicians sign a Code of Ethics and a Peace Pact with them so as to publicly compel them to commit themselves to maintain peace before, during and after the General Elections.

He also advised all those who would lose in the elections to accept defeat and if aggrieved, to use the Kenyan legal system to seek justice.

Source: Kenya News Agency