Kenyans to blame for poor governance

Kenyans should blame themselves for the leadership wrangles they are encountering and complaining about.

This was said by the Parklands River of God Church pastor Tony Kiama Sunday when he led the church faithful in praying for the country’s leadership.

The pastor said that it was sad to see Kenyans apportioning blame yet they are the very ones who placed corrupt and greedy characters in leadership positions.

“How do we have known drug lords in power in charge of counties?” he posed saying that it is shame for Kenyans to elect leaders along tribal lines instead of good leadership traits such as integrity.

The pastor also accused church leaders of complacency saying that their voice is yet to be heard despite the integrity and corruption issues that the country’s leadership has been riddled with.

“How come the church is saying nothing? It is either that they also have their hands in the cookie jar or they are afraid of speaking out,” he said adding that in a country whose 80 percent is Christian, we ought to be doing better.

Pastor Kiama said that the greed exhibited by some leaders is insatiable. “How much does one need? How many cars, houses and suits should one have to say it is enough?” he posed.

He challenged Kenyans to stop complaining and use the power of their vote in 2017 to vote out those leaders whom they were complaining about and replace them with people of integrity.

The congregation prayed for the political leadership, the judiciary and all positions of power.

Source: Kenya News Agency