Kenyans Support plastic ban

The intended ban of plastic bags has received support from Kenyans of all walks of life in Nakuru County ranging from environmentalists, women to the youth.

An environmentalist in Nakuru town, Peter Raini, who has over the years advocated for the ban of plastics said,

”on this ban even the worst government critics have seen the sense, and anybody talking of job losses is misguided because more jobs are lost when the environment is not protected.”

Mr. Raini said in the past the government has spent a lot of money protecting the Lake Nakuru National Park, but still the park continued deteriorating due to the plastic bags, which are swept from the dumping sites to the lake.

He said the manufacturers campaigning against the banning of plastic bags should explain to Kenyans how to avoid the negative health and environmental effects.

He was speaking to kna today during an interview at his office.

He further urged the manufactures to explain how they will make the plastics to decompose, prevent blockage of sewerage, and prevent death by ingestion by animals.

He said unless the manufactures have convincing answers to the above concerns, then the ban should be implemented.

The leader of women at the market, Leah Njoki, said nothing has impressed them like the return of the ‘ciondo’ or traditional basket, which used to be weaved by elderly women as they happily chattered on their past.

”We all look forward to that age, only for the ‘ciondo’ to disappear, but now we hope that we shall enjoy our twilight years babbling with friends, and making money at the same time,” said Njoki.

The leader of youth groups who collect garbage in the town, Joseph Maina, said naturally the youth will loss employment, but the environment is more important than the anticipated losses.

However, he added that the ban may also assist the government in reducing the number of street children who run away from home to sell plastic bags.

A number of super markets have already stopped packaging their customer’s shopping in plastic bags.

The transition seems smooth because the shoppers are now carrying shopping bags instead of plastic bags.

Source: Kenya News Agency