Kenyans overburdened by ICC cases

Gatundu South legislator, Moses Kuria has called on African nations to pull out of the Rome Statute which created the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague since it was turning out to be a burden to the continent’s growing democracy.

Speaking in his constituency, Kuria said the Statute that created the International Criminal Court (ICC) should now concentrate on issues bedeviling the world such as Islamic State (ISIS) militants who are persecuting innocent civilians in Arab countries such as Syria and Iraq among others.

“As soon as the cases involving Deputy President, William Ruto and radio presenter Joshua arap Sang come to a closure, Kenya and Africa should pull out of the Rome Statute,’ said Kuria.

The legislator said the DP’s no case to answer motion application is enough proof that the court has lost its mandate to execute justice.

“Kenya has moved on from its past. We are now concentrating on building structures to ensure peaceful co-existence”, said Kuria.

The MP noted that majority of African States feel threatened by the number of court interventions on the African continent.

He said the interventions have created perceptions worldwide that African States and its leaders are not competent enough to manage their own affairs and sovereignty.

Additionally, Kuria blamed the ICC for being reluctant to allow African States the right to undertake their own investigations and prosecutions, which in fact should be the case under the principle of complementarity.

‘If a state is ‘able and willing’ to do so and if it has a reasonable and functioning judiciary, there should be no reason why the case cannot be tried locally, adding that with regard to Kenya, the Court has been cautious to allow the country the opportunity to undertake its own judicial proceedings.

He said member States have the capacity to carry out their own investigations and prosecutions that guarantees the best interests of its citizens in accordance with the county’s own traditions of justice.

By Yobesh Onwong’a