Kenyans commits to increasing funds towards social protection

The government is set to allocate more funds to social protection programmes, so as to reach a target of two percent, of the Gross Domestic Product, by the year 2030.

Currently, the government is spending 0.4 percent of its (GDP), on social protection, amounting to Sh.25 billion, with over 1.3 million beneficiaries.

The Labour and Social Protection, Cabinet Secretary (CS), Ukur Yatani, in a speech read on his behalf, by the Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS), Abdul Bahari said he is proud that the social protection has been identified as one of the critical enablers of government’s drive to achieve the big four agenda.

The Deputy President , William Ruto, while officially opening the second Social Protection conference on Wednesday, clarified that the government will enhance all social protection programmes and bring as many beneficiaries as possible within the safety nets, said Yatani.

Yatani said that in line with Ruto’s declaration, all cash transfer beneficiaries, will be paid monthly and promptly, instead of the current situation, where they are paid after every two months, which will enable beneficiaries plan for the money better than before.

While officially closing the ceremony on Friday, Yatani said that he is happy that through the second Kenya conference of social protection, credible measures have been discussed, which will help in dealing with challenges that face the program.

It was clear from this conference that greater partnerships are fundamental in making social protection a success and am particularly excited by the partnerships between county governments, the national government and development partners in conceptualizing and designing social protection intervention across the country, said Yatani.

He added that they will be presenting to parliament recommendations which seek to entrench social protection into law.

Ethiopia State Ministry for Labour and Social Cervices, Minister, Ms. Tadelech Dalacho Dando said that many countries have beautiful and elaborate social protection policy documents and strategies, but what they lack is implementation of what is on the paper.

Ms. Dando said that she is impressed by the Kenyan government commitment to increase funds to the social protection programs, as it is a sacred duty to take care for the vulnerable and being a voice for the voice less.

The conference themed, ‘scaling up investments in social protection for the delivery of Vision 2030 and the delivery of SDG’s’, was attended by delegates from countries, including Ethiopia, Uganda, Senegal, South Africa, Ghana, Zambia, Brazil, United States of America (USA), among others.

Source: Kenya News Agency