ELDORET (Kenya), Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta said that military presence in Somalia has resulted in increased stability in the neighboring nation and has also limited the ability of terrorists to harm Nairobi.

Speaking during the passing out parade of Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) recruits in Eldoret, Kenyatta urged Kenyans to unite in supporting the efforts of the security forces to win the war against terrorists and those who wish to harm innocent people.

“With our allies, we have victories to show. We have degraded the capacity of Al-Shabaab to carry out attacks in Kenya and elsewhere; and our collective efforts have led to the establishment of successive civilian governments in Somalia,” he said.

Kenya crossed into southern Somalia in October 16, 2011 to subdue Al-Shabaab the east African nation blames for raids and kidnappings particularly on its northern region.

The troops have been moving in all sectors in southern Somalia after making several advances on key towns following a fierce battle with the insurgents who have since joined Al-Qaida network.

Kenyatta said Kenya will win the war against terrorists because of the freedoms enjoyed by its people including the freedom of religion.

“Those are the stakes: freedom and prosperity, against the poverty and slavery our enemy wants for us. In this war, we must call upon the noblest and bravest among us,” he said.

“Our freedoms make us better than the enemy. Our freedoms make us stronger than the enemy. That is why we know we will win,” said the President.

The President commended the KDF for maintaining high standards of service and for defending the freedoms that make Kenyans proud.

He urged the new officers to follow in the footsteps of their predecessors in the security forces who have maintained exemplary standards of patriotism and professionalism.

He paid tribute to all the security officers who have fallen in the line of duty and the war against terrorism. He said Kenyans are duty bound to honor the officers drawn from all sections of the country’s security organs.

The president said Kenyans should remember and comfort the families of all officers who lost their lives in the line of duty to defend Kenyans.

“We are called to defend the principles and the way of life for which they died; and we are called, finally, to win the war they so gallantly fought,” he said.

Kenyatta said the perpetrators of violence and lawlessness in some parts of the North Rift, Laikipia and elsewhere are being dealt with firmly. “The leaders of the incitement and violence will learn their lessons,” Kenyatta said.