President Uhuru Kenyatta has unveiled his vision for Kenya’s growth where equality, justice and prosperity will be guaranteed as he and his fellow party leaders in the ruling Jubilee coalition launched the new Jubilee political party ahead of a general election due in August next year.

Kenyatta cited progress already achieved in energy, infrastructure development, health, education, technology and innovation as key drivers of the country’s growth and development when he addressed a crowd of more than 60,000 at the Moi International Sports Complex here Saturday.

On education, President Kenyatta said by the end of 2018 Jubilee’s “leave no child behind” policy would have delivered more classes, more teachers and increased funding for student capitation.

“No primary school student — none whatsoever — will miss a place in a public secondary school on account of not being able to afford the school fees,” he added.

The President said in five years every child in Kenya will have the opportunity to go to a public school and receive quality education.

On security, President Kenyatta assured that the government will continue with its unprecedented investment in the security sector as a crucial ingredient of the country’s prosperity. “We commit to the brave men and women in uniform that we will continue to provide them with better equipment, improved mobility, and improving their terms of service,” he said.

The government will next month kick off a large scale project to build houses for security officers to improve their welfare, the President said. In return, the disciplined services will be expected to serve Kenyans diligently.

On electricity, the Head of State said every household in Kenya will have access to affordable electricity in the next two years. “This initiative is dear to me, because it is a game-changer for our young people; and the catalyst that will bring development to every corner of our country,” the Head of State said.

President Kenyatta also outlined his administration’s focus to improve the health of Kenyans, saying the transformation of the health care system across the country is irreversible.

“Our hospitals will be centres of excellence for the African continent. We will continue training more doctors, more nurses, and more medical technicians,” the President said.

He said the government led by the Jubilee Party, formed out of a coalition of 11 political parties, will continue investing in Kenya’s health sector including providing crucial services that force Kenyans to travel abroad.

“The stories of Kenyans bankrupting their families to send loved ones for treatment abroad will come to an end. Instead we shall be the destination for medical tourists,” said the President.

The Head of State also spoke about his targets in infrastructure development where he indicated his intention to continue with aggressive investment in the sector. “We will extend the reach of the road network to link every town and marketplace,” he said.