Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has launched the Jubilee Party with a promise that it will avoid the mistakes of other political parties which had failed to bring about national unity.

The president told a roaring crowd of some 60,000 supporters here Saturday that the party, formed after the dissolution and merger of 11 political parties in the governing Jubilee Coalition, would embrace internal party democracy.

He said the party welcomed all Kenyans, from whatever part of the country they call home, and that every member would get a fair hearing.

“The aim is for Kenyans to have genuine political choices where any one of us can feel at home without regard to the spelling of their names, the colour of their skin, their place of worship, their gender, or whether or not they’re disabled,” President Kenyatta said in a rally at the Moi International Sports Complex here.

The President said political parties and politicians had failed Kenyans in the past by thriving on divisions based on ethnicity. Every time Kenyans had united, the country had made progress while every time there had been divisions, citizens had paid a heavy price.

The President said the formation of the Jubilee party was a generational statement of change from Kenyans who had learnt from the mistakes of their predecessors.

“It is the living proof that we have learnt from the mistakes of our predecessors. It is the embodiment of the will of the Kenyan people, who are deeply tired of political parties that are nothing more than special purpose vehicles to elect selfish leaders, or enclaves designed to protect tribal interests at the expense of the national good,” President Kenyatta said.

The Head of State said the new party embodied and celebrated the diversity of all Kenyans and would strive to build a stronger nation.

“The party we launch here today is an expression of our unity, our oneness, and our togetherness. In launching it, we renew, and we strengthen, the ties that bind Kenyans together. We rise from the ashes of conflict to express the beauty of reconciliation and collective purpose,” said President Kenyatta.

He called on all politicians who thrive on the politics of division to read the signs of the times.

“I say now to those who still sell the politics of division and negativity, you had your chance. You wasted it, again and again, always opting to divide Kenyans, rather than unite them. Your time is done,” he said.