President Uhuru Kenyatta has called off a planned visit to Angola to attend a sub-regional summit following an attack on a lodging house in Mandera in the far nrth east of the country near the border with Somalia which left 12 people dead.

President Kenyatta, who asked Deputy President William Ruto to represent him at the meeting in Luanda, condemned the attack on the lodging house occupied by foreigners and believed to have been carried out by the al-Shabaab terrorists from Somalia.

The president said in a media statement Tuesday: “Our security agencies will do everything in their power to bring them to justice; Kenyans will not allow themselves to be divided along religious lines, which is what the terrorists want.

“Every Kenyan of goodwill, Christian and Muslim alike, knows that it is wrong to take an innocent life. Rather, we recognize that to win this war, we must remain united. One way in which we can show that unity, and defend our Republic, is by co-operating closely with our security agencies as they work to keep us safe.”

The attack occurred early Tuesday morning in which 11 men and one woman were killed. It came barely three weeks after six people lost their lives in an attack by armed al-Shabaab militiamen on a residential area in Mandera town.

Contingents of security personnel have been deployed to Mandera following the attack in which armed men attacked a lodging house hosting non-locals in the town blowing up the metal door before proceeding to spray bullets at its occupants.

The gunmen are said to have used grenades and Improvised Explosive Devices during the attack, before proceeding on a shooting rampage in the incident that appeared to target non-locals.

Among the dead were ten people who were visiting the region and the lodge attendant who was from the area.