NAIROBI, Kenyan police called on the public to remain on high alert and be extra vigilant especially in populated public places in the wake of terror threats in the country.

Joseph Boinnet, Inspector General of Police, said security officers have stepped up security surveillance across the country in the wake of the attack at dusitD2 hotel on Jan. 15 in which 21 people were killed and the latest explosion in Nairobi on Saturday evening which left two people slightly injured.

“It is critical that all citizens must step up their levels of alertness regarding their surroundings and provide information immediately to the police in case anything out of the ordinary is observed,” Boinnet said in a statement issued in Nairobi.

He said the security forces have increased surveillance measures in key installations, private and public places and urged the public to exercise caution while dealing with people with mysterious motives.

The police chief advised against the laxity in the screening of cars for explosives at all shopping malls and any business or social gatherings at any given moment that these might be vulnerable to attacks.

“We also wish to inform the public that whilst we have stepped up alertness on our highways, all police commanders have been instructed to apply to a court of law for forfeiture of any vehicle found with illegal immigrants and any form of contraband,” said the police chief.

He also called on hotels, landlords, churches and public service vehicles including educational institutions to always endeavor to establish the identity of their customers entering their premises by examining their identification documents.

“We further advise that all hotel operators must obtain full details of their lodgers and restaurant operators must also step up their levels of alertness and security in their establishments,” Boinnet said.

The statement came after two slightly people were injured on Saturday evening after a suspected explosive device went off along a busy Nairobi street.

Nairobi police commander Philip Ndolo said a man of Somali descent had allegedly hired a trolley pusher to move a carton box within the city when the package exploded.

The device inside the box is suspected to have been an improvised explosive device, he said, injuring the trolley pusher and a newspaper vendor.

The east African nation faces insecurity as bomb attacks using improvised explosive devices and grenades have been reported in Nairobi, northeastern and coastal regions since Kenyan solders entered Somalia in 2011 to secure the shared border with the lawless country.

Source: Nam News Network