President Uhuru Kenyatta has told members of the Kenyan police that the future of the country depends on how they perform their duties.

The stability and progress of the country is tied to how the police confront criminals and the integrity, impartiality of officers who enforce the law, he said at the passing out parade of 1,976 General Service Unit recruits at the GSU Training School here Tuesday.

He added that the role of the police was to ensure that criminals had no space in the country as the threat of terrorism, radicalisation of the youth, criminal activity and cattle rustling demanded urgent attention.

“History will judge the Police Service by its response to these issues, and by the degree of its integrity, its impartiality and its fidelity to the law as it deals with them,” said President Kenyatta, who announced that he had issued directives for the recruitment of another batch of 10,000 police officers.

He said the new batch of recruits would enable Kenya to achieve the recommended minimum police to population ratio of 1:430 to keep the country secure.

The President said the irony of insecurity was that what was built up through years of painstaking effort could be destroyed by reckless and rogue criminals in a matter of moments.

“Your job is to ensure that does not happen. The matter of security is not peripheral to national development; it is at the very heart of it. Your work will have extraordinary significance for the future of Kenya,” he said.

Source: KBC