NAIROBI, The Kenyan movie, Mully, which is based on a true story, has been nominated for an Oscar award.

The movie, which premiered in Nairobi last Friday after being launched in Los Angeles in November last year, tells the story of how one man, Dr. Charles Mulli, who was born into a destitute family, rose to be a wealthy man who then abandoned a lige of luxury to care for destitute children by establishing the Mully Children’s Family.

The organization, set up 29 years ago, aims to change the world one child at a time. The movie tells the story of Dr Mulli, who was abandoned by his parents at the age of six and left to confront the harsh realities of the world.

Through sheer struggles he managed to pursue his elementary studies with help from well-wishers. He hustled until he became a wealthy businessman owning a fleet of public service vehicles.

However, despite his wealth he still felt alone despite having a wife and five children. It was then that he opted to turn his life around after seeing street children suffer and decided to use his wealth to work to save street children.

His new decision was not well received by his family at first but later they supported him in the founding of Mully Children’s Family, a foundation he has run for 29 years since 1989.