The Kenyan government has launched a new programme aimed at fighting violent extremism and the drug menace in the country by using sports to nurture talent among the young to ensure they have what it takes to competite locally and nationally.

Senior officials from the Office of the President says the programme will be implemented under the supervision of President Uhuru Kenyatta to ensure it achieves its objectives.

Under the programme, the youth will be funded to join inter-county tournaments and even at the national and international levels. The national government will also ensure there is insurance coverage for their participation in sports.

The programme was announced over the weekend following a three-day forum for youth aimed at driving change and social progress in communities as a follow-up to the presidential youth engagement held in Mombasa on Jan 6 this year.

Mukhtar Ogle, the Director of Strategic Initiatives and Development of Arid and Semi-Arid Regions at the Office for Cabinety Affairs st the Presidency, said the youth had requested for football equipment and leadership programmes for women.

Ogle said the programme is aimed at fighting against violent extremism, radicalization, organized crime and drugs. Noting that there was a need to create alternative activities for the youth, he added that the programme would foster collaboration, strengthen leadership and connect women leaders for change in the counties.

Source: Nam News Network