NAIROBI, The government will partially insure livestock farmers as it aims to make the Kenya Livestock Insurance Program sustainable and comprehensive.

Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock Cabinet secretary Willy Bett says only vulnerable and poor pastoralists will be fully insured in the program that is expected to cover all the classified arid and semi-arid regions in the country.

Livestock owners in arid and semi-arid regions in the country are set to receive 319 million shillings insurance payout from the government’s livestock insurance program.

The government says some parts of the country are still reeling from failed rains and the situation is not likely to improve any time soon hence the need to protect pastoralists from losses.

Bett urged both the private sector and the county governments to follow cue and insure pastoralists in addition to creating a ready market for their products.

The government has partially lifted a ban on Ugandan poultry products after a bird flu outbreak in the country early this year.

Three Ugandan companies have been given a green light to export poultry products to Kenya after meeting Kenya’s stringent poultry importation demands.

Bett says relevant Uganda authorities have shown willingness in preventing the spread of bird flu within and outside Uganda.