By Lynace Mwashigadi

NAIROBI, The Kenyan government has been urged to allocate more resources for initiatives aimed at dealing with gender-based violence.

The call was made by the Wajir County local assembly’s Woman Representative, Fatuma Ibrahim, who described gender-based violence (GBV) in Kenya as rampant and said many cases were going unreported in the northern part of the country.

The Woman Representative lamented that many of the laws passed to curb GBV were not being implemented because of a lack of resources.

Her comments came as 32-year old Fatuma Ibrahim was released from the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) here over the weekend after successful surgery to remove a knife from her cheek after being stabbed by her husband.

Fatma was flown to Kenyatta National Hospital from a remote village in Wajir County in northeastern Kenya, after the knife attack saw the weapon stuck in her cheek.

Representative Fatuma now wants the husband locked up for atrocities committed, saying she was forced to endure the suffering for the sake of her children. The woman’s in-laws have come to her support against their kin who they say has been the main aggressor in the marriage.

Repreentative Fatuma also called on the Kenyan government to allocate more resources to anti-GBV initiatives in an effort to stem the rising number of such cases.

Fatma’s husband, Mohamed Deeq, was arraigned before a Wajir Court, where he denied the allegations, claiming instead that he was trying to save his wife from committing suicide.

Source: KBC