Kenyan government urges citizens not to mistreat foreigners due to COVID-19 outbreak

NAIROBI, The Kenyan government urged its citizens not to victimize foreigners in the country due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Mutahi Kagwe, cabinet secretary of the Ministry of Health, told journalists in Nairobi that there have been incidences where locals have been mistreating guests from other countries due to racial profiling.

We are appealing to our citizens not to victimize nationals of other countries due to pure speculation. Let us not abuse our guests and we should behave with patience and kindness that we have always done towards foreigners, Kagwe said after the first meeting of the members of the National Emergency Response Committee on Coronavirus.

The government has also enhanced surveillance of the virus at all points of entry beyond the international airports.

Kagwe noted that Kenya will also coordinate its response activities with its neighbors, particularly other members of the East African Community in order to address the threat posed by the virus.

He revealed that Kenya now has two coronavirus testing sites certified by the World Health Organization that can assist the country to combat the virus.

The Ministry of Health will also coordinate with other relevant agencies to establish emergency response units for each of the 47 counties.

Meanwhile, the Kenyan government will disburse 10 million shillings for the upkeep of Kenyan students in Wuhan, the Chinese city that is the epicentre of the Covid-19 virus epidemic.

The National Emergency Response Committee on health says it is also evaluating risks involved in bringing the students back to the country.

The move follows anxious appeals from Kenyans after a coronavirus lockdown left students confined to their residences.

There are over 100 Kenyans currently living in Wuhan city, with 91 of these being students while nine are artistes.

Source: NAM News Network