Farmers in Kenya have been urged to embrace new storage technologies which can help them reduce post-harvest losses.

The Head of the plant protection unit at the Ministry of Agriculture, Phinius Ngali, said here Wednesday that the Ministry was working closely with the private sector and development partners to develop new storage technologies.

Farmers in Kenya lose about 40 per cent of their produce after harvesting because of poor handling and storage. Among the factors exacerbating this trend are poor storage facilities which make crops prone to attack by pests.

In order to protect farmers from such losses, the government is working with the private sector and development partners to develop long-term solutions.

Ngali said the government also planned to step up awareness about new storage technologies among the farmers and she also urged financial institutions in the country to finance farmers acquire the newly adopted storage bags.

The Purdue Improved Crop Storage Technology is relatively new in Kenya although it is widely embraced in countries such as Rwanda, Nigeria and Ethiopia.

Source: KBC