MOGADISHU, Kenyan airstrikes have driven a group of Islamist militants out of the Somali village of El-Ade three days after the fighters took the town and claimed to have killed 100 Kenyan

peacekeepers, Somali military commanders and witnesses said.

“Kenyan warplanes have been hitting areas believed to be positions of al-Shabaab in El-Ade and nearby villages,” General Abas Ibrahim Gurey told dpa.

Witnesses living near the Kenya-Somalia border said they saw hundreds of Kenyan military vehicles roll towards El-Ade in the south-west. Many villagers fled their homes amid the airstrikes, which lasted for 48 hours.

Al-Shabaab militants on Friday attacked an African Union military base run by Kenyan peacekeepers, claiming to have killed about 100 soldiers and to have taken 12 others as prisoners of war. The death toll remained unclear on Monday.

Kenyan troops are part of a 20,000-member AU force helping Somalia battle the Islamists.

Separately, al-Shabaab militants on Monday found four Kenyan soldiers who had fled, killing them and a local elder who had helped them, said another elder who did not want to be named.

Source: DPA