Kenya Warplanes Bomb Al Shabaab Base in Somalia

Kenya fighters jets raided al-shabaab bases at Jilib town in Somalia’s southern middle Juba region on Tuesday night, Jubaland military official, Mr Mohamed Abdi Dhegey told Radio Dalsan on Wednesday.

Speaking to Radio Dalsan during an interview, Jubaland military official, Mr Dhegey said warplanes bombarded the al-shabaab base and destroyed two vehicles belonging to the militant group.

“The jets raided the desert area where the militants have their base, ” he added.

“We were shocked when we heard several blasts at Jilib town on Tuesday night but we can’t confirm how many people died in the attacks,” residents told Radio Daslan.

The terror group has a strong base in southern Somalia and the government of Somalia has always accused the group of attacks on residents in the area.

Kenya and US jets have often carried out attacks against the unlawful group.

Kenya sent troops into Somalia two years ago in pursuit of the rebels, whom it blamed for kidnappings and cross-border attacks, and also to create a buffer zone between al- shabaab and Kenya’s porous border with the Horn of Africa country.

The Westgate attack was the worst on Kenyan soil since al qaeda bombed the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi in 1998, killing more than 200 people.

Source: Dalsan Radio.