Kenya: Trace Kimathi’s Remains, Widow Demands

By Samuel Karanja

Kenyan freedom fighter Dedan Kimathi’s family has demanded that the government traces his remains for a heroic burial.The freedom fighter’s widow, Mrs Mukami Kimathi, said she is losing her eyesight and there was urgent need to excavate the various points where the hero is suspected to have been interred 59 years ago.

Mrs Kimathi and two of her children were speaking at the Supreme Court in Nairobi when they received a file containing the trial proceedings which led to the hanging of the freedom fighter by the colonial government.

“I was very happy when I heard the file was found, now I ask the government to help trace his remains so that we give him a befitting burial.

“President Uhuru (Kenyatta), Chief Justice (Willy) Mutunga and the entire government, help us trace his remains, he deserves a heroic burial,” she added.

Dr Mutunga said both the British and Kenya government could work together and trace where the remains are.One year is enough for them to trace his remains so that he can be given a decent sendoff, “said the CJ.

“The file revealed that Kimathi was hanged inside Kamiti Maximum Prison at 6am on February 18, 1957, so they should check the 11 spots where the remains are suspected to be,” he added. He said with the dispute of where he was executed having been settled, there was no reason why Kimathi’s remains should not be traced.

“We thank the government for having us see this file but the government should make efforts and trace his remains,” Simon Maina, a son of the freedom hero said. “We believe the government can find the remains the same way they found his file ” he said, adding that the family was still facing poverty despite his father having lost his life for the sake of the country.

Kimathi’s last born daughter, Ms Evelyn Wanjugu, while expressing joy on receiving the file, also asked the government to help retrieve his father’s remains

Source: All Africa