Kenya To Host International Health Symposium End Of June

Kenya is set to host the 2nd Annual Emergency Care Symposium (ECS) event from June 28th to 29th this year at Safari Park hotel in Nairobi.

The symposium organized by the Emergency Medicine Kenya Foundation (EMKF), a non-profit organisation and sponsored by International SOS is aimed at coming up with recommendations that will assist Kenya develop evidence-based universal emergency care.

The event themed ‘The World of Emergency Care’, seeks to demystify the scope of emergency care and provide the latest evidence-based emergency care practices from experts from all over the world and over 400 participants.

According to Dr. Jeremiah Gitau, an Executive Director at EMKF, universal health coverage in Kenya can only be achieved when emergency care systems are strengthened.

For us to succeed, we need to borrow from the successes and learn from the failures of other emergency care systems around the world. This will enable us to build a robust universal emergency care system for Kenya, said Dr. Gitau.

In a press statement, the participants will have to deliberate on why 54 percent of annual deaths are pre hospital related, and why they occur between the emergency and the person who is able to access a health facility.

We will also want to find out why injury related deaths are at 5.8 million annually, a 32 percent more than deaths related to HIV, TB and Malaria combined, he added.

In light of all the disasters that Kenya has faced thus far, the ability of the health facilities to provide evidence based, adequate emergency care is critical for universal health coverage to work, added Gitau .

Dr. Fanie Jute, International SOS Regional Medical Director for Africa said the organisation offers recruitment opportunities for skilled medical professionals to develop rewarding careers in pre-hospital care both internationally and in their home countries.

He said We combine local expertise with global reach and knowledge to deliver the most comprehensive solution possible, and added the medical teams on the ground are supported by the 24/7 remote medical assistance centres for evacuation support, medical advice, peer-review and case management.

International SOS, one of the largest employers of healthcare professionals with over 1400 doctors worldwide has over the last 30 years been providing medical services globally in challenging environments, specifically for the mining industry.

Source: Kenya News Agency