Kenya-Tanzania trade improves after adoption of OSBP in 2012

Kenya gained a revenue increase of 19 percent at Isebania/Sirare border since the adoption of One Stop Border Point trade model.

Kuria Isebania/Sirare border center only could collect S69million in 2013/14 financial year but later increased to 201.7 million during last financial year according to Kenya Revenue Authority Chief Manager Western Kenya, John Gathatwa.

The OSBP trade model started operating in 2014 after the two governments decided to remove the double clearance of goods and passengers.

He said the double clearance of goods was time consuming and required more resources.

Gathatwa told the press at Isebania town on Wednesday that OSBP trade is not fully operational but noted the achievement of most objectives.

He said both Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) and Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) have joined verification of goods and joined border meetings, which have boosted trade between the two countries.

The KRA official added that verification is made easy through sniffer dogs and use of advanced x-ray machines.

We now have the same standard operating procedure which allows fast clearance of goods and passengers in either of the countries, Gathatwa said.

The KRA official revealed of the reduction of clearance time which reduced from eight hours to few minutes, a situation he said has enhanced efficiency at the KRA border point.

Gathatwa said OSBP will come to full operational in less than three months time after the joined Kenya-Tanzania joined contractor completing the installation of the fibre optics.

He reiterated that completed OSBP will reduce stops and simplify procedures and actions at every lead agency at the border.

There will be no need of going to Kisumu for clearance since everything will be simplified at the border through centralised advanced electronic clearance system, Gathatwa added.

Gathatwa was speaking on behalf of Kevin Safari of Western Region KRA Coordinator during media introduction of OSBP operation at Isebania/Sirare border on Wednesday.

The Tanzania Revenue Authority official, Sume Kanumbe expressed confidence that trade will drastically improve in the two countries with the full implementation of OSBP.

Source: Kenya News Agency