Kenya, Sudan set for border market to foster peace

Turkana County government and the South Sudanese government are in the process of setting up a market at Nadapal along the Kenya and South Sudan border to promote trade between members of the Turkana and Toposa communities.

The County Executive for Trade, Gender and Youth Affairs, Anthony Apalia said the market would also foster peace between the two warring communities.

We have toured Nadapal site and we intend to tour the other side of south Sudan before we settle on the market site but as it stands, the Kenyan side has more potential because of the road that is being constructed to open up the area, said Apalia.

The Kenya National Highway Authority commenced the construction of the Kainuk-Lodwar-Nadapal road that has eased movement of goods even before its completion. For instance, the journey from Kitale to Lodwar now takes six to seven hours from the previous 10 to 12 hours it used to take by public transport. It is widely expected that the journey will take even a shorter time once the project is completed. Turkana County largely depends on food produce from Kitale.

The County Executive added that the two communities would be brought on board before the final agreements to put up the market were concluded.

The national government has also put up a Kenya Revenue Authority Office at Nadapal.

Kenyan traders supply maize flour, vegetables and potatoes to their counterparts in South Sudan who in turn sell them livestock at very affordable prices, added the County Executive.

At the same time, Apalia lamented that most goods from the Kenyan side were being barred from going to South Sudan by KRA officers, adding that the county government was awaiting explanation on the same.

We are not sure whether it is because of bilateral trade agreements but we are still following up the matter with KRA officers, he said.

Source: Kenya News Agency